ZOMBIE RUN is a theatrical and entertaining race. It will take place on 31st October 2020 in Gediminas Avenue, Vilnius, Lithuania. 

LTD ‘Mapa Holding’ together with Public Establishment “Sveikas Miestas” will host an entertaining run on 31st October 2020. Apart from the run, the participants will have a chance to spend their time in a unique Pumpkin town located at the Lukiškių square.



  1. To introduce the running culture and to promote interest in running and athletics in Lithuania.
  2. To promote running as a healthy lifestyle.
  3. To increase the number of mass events and to increase the activity level of people in Vilnius.
  4. To create unbeatable memories and thrill for the runners.
  5. To organize the first fun run in Vilnius, where the participants would experience artificially created natural forces.



  1. The participants will run a 2,5 km long distance. The start is at 20:00 on 31st October 2020 at Lukiškių square, Vilnius.
  2. The race is not timed. However, the average expected finish time is 20 minutes.



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  1. The competition is open to all who have completed the registration form, paid the registration fee (according to the starter package option of their choice) and agree that they're healthy to enter the race by registering.
  2. All runners take part voluntarily. They are not forced by anyone. Runners participate in the event at their own risk. They will evaluate all reasonable medical measures in the event and will not undertake to make any claims to race organizers.
  3. Runners must have a valid identity card when collecting the starter pack - race bib. In order to collect the race pack on behalf of a runner, a valid identity card of the entrant must be presented.
  4. Entrants consent that publication and/or used in any form of media of image, video or otherwise, are applicable in/or marketing materials/websites without payment or compensation.
  5. Runners must be at least 14 years old to enter the event. Individuals under the age of 18 must submit the completed and signed a consent form to have their parents, guardians or coach/teacher consent to their participation in the event and/or to be supervised by their parents, guardians or coach/teacher throughout the event, who take full responsibility for them. The parental consent form can be found here.
  6. To the best of participants' knowledge, the participant is not suffering from a condition that would prevent and/or render him/her unfit to participate in the Event. By registering, the participant confirms that he/she understands that the event involves a significant test of his / her physical abilities, confirms that he/she has passed a health examination, which complies with the health examination requirements of the Republic of Lithuania. If there is a suspicion of any medical condition, the runner must stop immediately and consult with a doctor.
  7. The participant understands and acknowledges that the organizers are not responsible or liable for any damage to the participant's health or life. All risks and liabilities for any medical conditions, injuries, and accidents during the event are the sole responsibility of the participant.
  8. The event is open to anyone with disabilities. However, entrants must ensure that their disability does not prevent them from finishing the course. If an entrant wishes to enter one of the courses or zones, the medical approval must be provided and signed by the doctor. Free entry is available for people with disabilities, please contact us by info@insanerun.lt



  1. Registration is available on www.zombierun.lt. Participants can register by filling out a registration form and making a payment through e-banking.
  2. Registration is open: 28th Feb - 30th Oct online; on 31st Oct (on the day of the event) registration will take place at the venue.
  3. The Race Bibs and Starter packs will be available one week before the race. The information will be shared via email newsletters.
  4. The participant who completes the registration form and pays the entry fee will be included in the entry protocol.
  5. By registering, the participant confirms that he/she agrees to receive newsletters and text messages related to events organized by the Public Establishment “Sveikas Miestas” and LTD "Mapa Holding".
  6. Participants must check the race bib and starter pack upon the collection. The missing content will not be filled, otherwise. The starter pack and race bib will not be available after the event.
  7. The entry fee is non-refundable. Participants can register and buy tickets via the payment system or at www.zombierun.lt
  8. Entry Prices:



First 200 tickets


Standard package

€ 10,99 € 18,00

Premium package



You can only register under your name. Entries are non-refundable.

If a participant wants to change or transfer his / her registration to another person, he/she has to pay a registration-change fee of 5 EUR. In order to make changes to the name or other details, the organizer must be informed and pay the registration-change fee of EUR 5 before October 15th. Registration changes are made when the participant pays for the service and informs the organizers by email: info@insanerun.lt. It must contain the payment statement and the details you want to change.


Company Details:

LTD  "Mapa Holding",

Company code: 302721308

VAT Code: LT100006654316

Address: M. Sleževičiaus g. 7, Vilnius (Respublikos spaustuvė 2a.)

Paysera account number: LT76 3500 0100 0101 2024


  1. The race bib must be pinned to the t-shirt. The number should be on the front of the t-shirt (chest) and clearly visible.
  2. Bicycles, roller skates, scooters, skateboards or other wheeled vehicles are strictly prohibited on the race track and cannot be used by participants. Participants who violate this condition will be disqualified.
  3. It is essential that participants have mutual respect and understanding during the ZOMBIE RUN. Participants who do not follow these rules will be disqualified from the ZOMBIE RUN.
  4. Participants are prohibited from using any outside help or support during the run. Participants who do not follow these rules will be disqualified.
  5. It is strictly forbidden for participants to run with their pets during the race. If so, such participants will be disqualified (some artificial elements may be harmful to your pets).
  6. Each runner must start and finish at a designated place and at a provided time. The finishers must enter and exit the start/finish area via specially designated exits.
  7. The objective of the ZOMBIE RUN is to overcome artificially created natural forces and obstacles. All obstacles are made in compliance with security requirements.
  8. The event village will have toilets, changing rooms and rest areas for participants.



  1. All participants will be awarded The ZOMBIE RUN commemorative medals.
  2. The winners of the first three places will be announced and awarded as soon as they finish within the 2.5km racecourse.





2,5 KM

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Information is being prepared

Information is being prepared


The biggest school, classroom or team (company, organization or community) will be rewarded and will receive gifts from organizers and sponsors. 



  1. The ZOMBIE RUN has a 2.5km course in the heart of the city, where runners will have an unforgettable experience. The race will be held in Gediminas Avenue. The course will be made possible with the help of the Vilnius City Municipality Administration office.
  2. Before and after the run people will have a chance to relax and have fun in a unique Pumpkin town at Lukiškių square.



  1. Register all entries, produce and make the race bibs.
  2. Measure the track and prepare it technically accordingly with safety rules and the running course requirements.
  3. Run a public relations campaign to promote the run and attract as many participants as possible.
  4. Restrict or stop traffic on the streets where the event is running.
  5. The organizer must immediately inform the police or other authorities of any action taken by the participant that has caused damage to nature, wildlife or other participants.
  6. The organizer takes no responsibility for: the health and physical condition of the participants; the actions against the other participants; any damage caused by animals or natural disasters (falling trees, storms, etc); weather conditions; failure to use personal safety equipment; lost or damaged property; other cases mentioned above.



  1. LTD ‘Mapa Holding’ is based in M. Sleževičiaus g. 7, Vilnius, info@insanerun.lt, is a data controller, is responsible for the entrants of the ‘ZOMBIE RUN’, the collection and processing of submitted data.
  2. LTD ‘Mapa Holding’ is responsible and looking after the www.zombierun.lt website.
  3. Participants submit data by filling in the registration form at www.zombierun.lt. The following data will be processed legally for the purposes of organizing and participating in the ZOMBIE RUN Running Event:


3.1. information such as name, surname, date of birth, as well as payment are processed for the participant's purchase (registration) services which are the event processing and administration;

3.2. phone number, email mailing address, date of birth, gender, country, city, as well as the results achieved at the event (time, place) are processed for the informative purpose of organizing the event (to send relevant event information, determine results and winner by different categories (by gender, age, etc.);

3.3. the participant's name and email information are also processed for direct marketing purposes with the prior consent of the participant.


  1. The Participant must submit 3.1. and 3.2. data for the successful registration and to fulfill the objectives of the event.
  2. Information such as name, age group, gender, results achieved (time, place) as well as city and country are publicly available on the website: www.zombierun.lt. In order to ensure transparency of the results, when registering for the event, the participant automatically agrees to the publication of this data on the website.
  3. By registering, each participant automatically agrees that all photos and footage taken during the event will be used freely by the organizers for marketing purposes, such as on social networks, on the website, etc.
  4. Participant Data is stored:


7.1. the telephone number and email address details are stored for the next 5 years from the date of registration date;

7.2. information such as name, date of birth, gender, country, city, as well as the results achieved at the event (time, place) are not deleted for statistical/historical purposes;

7.3. Information such as name, surname telephone number and email address details are stored for marketing purposes for the next 5 years from the date of registration date;


  1. The Participant has the right to request that LTD ‘Mapa Holding’ would grant access to the personal data, which could be corrected, deleted or restricted.
  2. When the data is processed for direct marketing purposes, the participant has the right to unsubscribe. This will be completed by sending the email to info@insanerun.lt.
  3. The Participant has the right to make a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate when the participant considers that LTD ‘Mapa Holding’ actions violate the legal provisions.


When entering the ZOMBIE RUN the regulations must be accepted by each individual entrant. 

For more information please get in touch: info@insanerun.lt.